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Why Your Knee Pain could be Begging of something Worse


Knee pain can limit a person's ability to perform basic functions and seriously compromise their quality of life What they do not tell you about knee pain and how to prevent bigger issues when working out! The big issue when it comes to knee pain is that people are not educated enough on how to care for the knee. Most of the time the immediate response is pain medication, a brace or even in severe cases surgery. What if I told you there was a better approach that would more than likely reduce and alleviate the pain and get a person stronger and moving better in their everyday life? In my time as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Coach I have helped many clients who have had knee pain stemming from many different issues. Some had issues from running often others had pain from going up the stairs and some had knee pain after a long day at work. One of the solutions I have used with my clients is to do myofascial release better known as foam rolling. This is done to restore motion to a joint that is very tight because so much stress has been placed on the joint or muscles for example the quadriceps muscles, they get so tight that they begin to pull on the knee which is where the tendons connect to. But that is just one piece of the puzzle, a strength training program with the right correctives that will strengthen the legs and provide support for the knees, is the goal. You are probably thinking... Well give me an example Right? Everyone has different situations when it comes to knee pain and a quick story for you my client Michelle had a very challenging journey with her knee pain, she was very active when she first came to me her goal was to be in shape to play soccer and just enjoy her active lifestyle. She got strong and was doing great playing soccer unfortunately she was in a car accident and the steering wheel hit her knee. The doctors told her that they recommend surgery also that she would never really be able to run or jump. However, she decided not have the surgery and I built a program that would progress her to gain motion and stability in the knee. Not only did she regain her strength she was able to run and jump again because of the proper program. An example of her training protocol went like this we first focused on mobility then stability. Once I felt that her stability was where it needed to be, we then began to introduce strength exercises to provide the support for the entire skeletal structure not just her knee. Since she had been training with me before her accident her recovery was moving along quickly. I then challenged her to start jogging and hopping and just like before we progressed to a point that she was able to sprint and jump. Now I will say her journey was a successful one that had guidance and proper progression and unfortunately there are many people who struggle because they are not on the right track. If you find that you need guidance, frustrated with the limitations of your knees. Then take action and schedule a free phone consultation.

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