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What Nobody Ever Tells You About Lower Back Pain

5 Tips to Reduce Back Pain

25% of people in America will say that they suffer from back pain and some of the solutions that are out there are hilarious and some down right scary. Now your back pain can be a result of several different issues from muscle tightness to bulging discs to trama; now some of the tips I will be recommending apply to people who have had back pain gradually come on over the years whether you noticed it or not. Now all your muscles work like pulleys and the leg muscles are some of the biggest ones; over time those pulleys can get more and more taught putting a lot of pressure on the nerves causing discomfort or pain. So your first tip is

1. Roll your hamstrings: It originates from the hip and inserts into the back of the knee. It helps with flexion of the leg and plays a major roll in sprinting and jumping as it helps with pulling the leg back and extending the hips. As powerful as this muscle group is a majority of Americans greatly under utilize it. Leading to tightness putting pressure on the nerves causing discomfort. Rolling the Hamstring will release some of that tension providing a temporary relief.

2. Roll your piriformis: just as with the Hamstring the piriformis can get tight over time applying pressure to the sciatic nerve leading to more pain and discomfort. When rolling the piriformis you should not just put pressure on the muscle but rather roll across the glutes to break up the knots that have built up over time.

3. Stretch your glutes and hamstrings: stretching your hamstrings and glutes is slow process but necessary. Over time the muscles in the posterior chain get tighter and tighter because of lack of use and repetitive routines. Driving for hours to work and then sitting at your desk during work for even more hours is part of the problem. If you take into consideration the years you have done that routine leading to this problem, it is only natural that it would take time to remedy it. So make sure you take time out of your day to stretch.

4. Strengthen your posterior chain: the lower body has some of the biggest muscle and can generate the most power. So it is very important to Strengthen the Glutes and Hamstring as they help with movement and posture. Yes posture as well because if the posterior chain is weak it can lead to a posterior pelvic tilt leading to a lot back pain issues like bulging discs as well as muscular strains. So having a complete program using exercises like Romanian Dead Lift, glute bridge and clam shells strengthens the posterior chain building a solid foundation for your body

5. Don't sit for more than 2 hours straight without getting up: it's simple just getting up out of your chair moving around for a couple minutes every hour will go a long way. The goal is to keep the muscles from getting tight and have a good range of motion.

Doing all these things will help reduce or manage your back pain. Allowing you to enjoy the things you want to do without be limited. So start Living a Stronger LifeLSL Fitness provides you with the best exercise program and nutritional guidance to help you lose weight, build muscle and get in the best shape of you life

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