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What 1% of Older Adults are doing to Live a Stronger Life.

The 5 Secrets Older adults use for resistance training The average annual cost for brand name medication used on a chronic basis was $6800 2017 now the average old American is taking 4.5 prescriptions per month and the annual cost would be more than $30000 a year What if I told you that you could help prevent being in that situation. Lowering your risk of heart disease and diabetes, Living a Stronger Life. Well our members have made that choice to take control and No longer feel winded after taking a short walk, no longer scared about going up or down the stairs, no longer fearful of falling and hurting themselves. Lets get to it the 5 secrets Older Adults are using to Live a Stronger Life. Frequency: Training volume is important to consider so start a regimen of training 2 to 3 times a week per muscle group. It has shown to stimulate to muscles for growth providing

the best results. Exercise selection: When deciding which exercises to do it is very important to focus on exercises that give the most bang for your buck. Exercises like bicep curls provide little affect as a whole when it comes to training your body. Doing complex movements like squats work more muscles at one time this will provide a better result and build more muscle. Repetitions: For all ages not just the older adult if you are training for Strength then do reps from 6 to 10 and for muscular endurance do 12 to 15. Alternating the rep range on a weekly basis creates significant amounts stimulation to muscles allowing for greater growth. Intensity: This can be a bit tricky if you don't know what you are capable of doing for one repetition on your lifts. I say this because you want to train using 65-85% of your 1REP max lifts to properly and safely progress. So my recommendation would be to find your 5 rep maximum, like we do here at LSL Fitness and based of those numbers we easily can determine the appropriate weight you should be doing. Individualization: Every person has their own challenges and following a cookie cutter program is a recipe for disaster. It does not take into consideration your weaknesses and or imbalances. Having a system with proper progression and performing correct exercise technique will get you the results you deserve. So I hope you use these secrets that our members uses to build muscle, strength, confidence and take control of your life

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