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Shoulder Pain Ruining Your Life

Three Components to Have Healthy Shoulders

We are constantly doing things with our hands and don't even give it a second thought of what we would do if we could not use our arms because we are so reliant on them. Well what if I told you that in 2006 approximately 7.5 million people went to the doctor's office for a shoulder problem, including shoulder and upper arm sprains or strains. Now shoulder injuries can occur from athletic movements that involve excessive, repetitive, overhead motion from swimming, tennis, pitching, and or weightlifting. However it's not limited to everyday activities such as washing your car, hanging curtains, and even gardening. In a 2003 case study showed that Frozen shoulder which is a painful, debilitating disorder affects 5% of adult population and 10 to 20% of people with diabetes. For those unaware what a frozen shoulder is, it consists of three stages. Stage 1 involving pain stage 2 involving pain and restriction and stage 3 involves painless restriction. So just imagine trying to do your normal daily activities but limited by a shoulder injury. So the best approach is to prevent these issues before they become a bigger problem for your life. There are three components you can work on that will improve your shoulder health as you continue to enjoy your quality of life. Step one Strengthen the shoulder with compounds lifts like Shoulder press Chest press as well as Inverted Rows to provide balance. Build stability with exercises like internal and external rotation even though those exercises don't seem like much they play a huge role. If you don't have good stability then you are putting strength on top of dysfunction and that will lead to a severe injury. Remember any solid house a strong foundation your shoulders which carries your head is no exception. Step two stretch properly and on a regular basis. Now throwing your arm across your chest and calling it a stretch is not good enough. Really take the time to focus the movement patterns you do while exercising and complimenting those exercises with the right stretches is going to promote longevity in your shoulders. Step three is having the proper program in place to make sure you are progressing correctly. Like I mentioned earlier the right exercises and right stretches matter and putting it all together in the program built for you is pivotal. So please do not get any use the latest exercise posted online or workout for shoulders you saw in a magazine, that is a recipe for disaster. So if you are in need of guidance and want to enjoy your life to the fullest with Stronger shoulders then message me or schedule a phone consultation with me so we can set you up for success.

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