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Improve your Golf Game with Kinetic Linking

We are going to talk about how you can improve your golf game and the main thing we’re going to focus on is hip mobility and glute strength to help with kinetic linking

So when it comes to improving your golf game we all know you need to practice to develop that skill, but a huge problem that holds people back is their ability to have good mind body control and good kinetic linking. And I have had heard lots of reasons. People are worried that changing their swing will affect their game, that the equipment they have isn't good enough, or lifting can make them too big and tight.  It makes sense.  But here's the thing

I'm not gonna ask you to change your swing I'm not gonna tell you not to buy the latest piece of equipment I'm not even gonna tell you to do heavy compound lifts even though they would help. I am asking you to do four mobility drills and three exercises with no equipment needed.

The truth of the matter is that 23.83 million people golf and 8.8 million admit to being avid golfers ranging from 30 to 49 years old. So if you one of those people, then pay attention because this video is for you. Of those 8.8 million golfers the annual amount spent on going golfing is about $2,000 so if you're going to invest $2,000 into golfing why not improve with some mobility and exercise drills that will cost you nothing.

So first things first any activity you do where you are applying force requires good kinetic linking which mean you are taking the forces that you generate from your feet to up and across onto on object, and guess what the better you are at this the easier it is to apply that force. Now like it requires time and practice but with these drills I'm about to show you'll definitely be on your way to being very efficient at kinetic linking.

First let's focus on mobility, there are four mobility drill that need to be done on a regular basis in order for there to good mobility to transfer the forces across the body.

First is a T Spine mobility drill that opens up the the thoracic area allowing there to be better rotation when you swing the arms through. You will start in a quadruped position with one hand on top of your head trying to get your elbow to reach to the opposite side knee. You do not have to touch your knee just move in that direction as if you were.

Next is a Spider man reach and rotation again working on the thoracic region of the back but also incorporating the hips so they you can start to work on mobility there as well. Use a block or a weight if you cannot keep the bottom hand on the floor

Sacroiliac stretch is next and you would do this by bringing the leg up while keeping the other leg straight. Sit on your butt and try to drop your chest as low as possible without hunching over

Your fourth mobility drill is a simple downward dog pose as you push your hips back and keep the legs straight as possible rest in that position for five to ten seconds then drop.

You can combine all these mobility drills into one quick routine that would not take very long and can be done anywhere.

Next is the three exercises that should be done at least three times a week and just like the mobility drills can be done anywhere and with no equipment.

First exericse is a glute bridge and your focus is the glutes while doing this. You start by being flat on your back with your knees bent, dig your heels into the ground while driving the hips to the sky doing four sets of 10 is a good start. If doing this exercise is easy with two feet then challenge yourself and go to one foot.

Next exercise is a Side plank and this exercise is done by posting on your forearm and while spreading your feet with your top foot in front. Reach for the sky then rotate down and back as if you were trying to get something behind you. four sets of ten each side.

The last exercise is lunges and while doing lunges make sure you step back so as to not put to much pressure on the knee and the focus is kept on the legs and glutes. Too make it more of a challenge try jumping back and forth same guidelines four sets of 10 each leg.

So there you have it a simple routine that you can do anywhere to improve your golf game. If you still have questions about anything that I covered please leave a comment or schedule a complimentary phone call I have set some time aside to be able to answer any all questions.

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