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Gyms Have Re Opened! Now What?

I'm so happy to say that gyms are reopening in LA county and people can now get back on track or even begin their fitness journey to Living Stronger Lives. I feel that during this time we have all taken a moment to really appreciate life and put our health and sanity as a priority.

Now as gyms have been given permission to reopen remember not all gyms are the same just as not all trainers are the same Keeping that in mind I'd like for you to consider a few things when going back the gym or joining a new gym.

• Gyms will be restricted to only a few people if they want to follow the guidelines set in place and provide a safe environment for their members to workout in. Trying to pack the gym like before is not appropriate and if you workout in a big group setting restrictions or not always keep in mind that someone should be checking your form and ability on a regular basis

• How well will they clean the gym after people come in? I heard some steps taken by gyms is to open for an hour then close for half and hour to clean then reopen again. I think that is a great idea however the problem is how well are they cleaning the gym is it only the treadmills and cardio equipment or just the machines but not the free weights. When you go to any gym you should be comfortable that the equipment you are about use has been cleaned or if not at least have some cleaning solutions available for you to wipe down before and after you have used any equipment.

• What kind of workout will you be able to do? While some gyms are limiting how much time you get to be in there you might not be able to get do the workout you have been planning to do. So it is important that you focus on exercises that will help get the best results on a limited time.

• Will you be able to use the equipment you need when you go? Even though there should be less people in the gym when you go it doesn't exclude the fact that there will be some gym goers who may want to use a particular piece of equipment the whole time that you need, leaving you frustrated with only a partial workout done. Consider joining a private Studio that has limited groups for your safety as well as the ability to get you doing the right workout with the equipment you need.

Now if you have a place like that fantastic! However if you need guidance and want to have a positive clean workout environment then come try one of our small Group Strength Training classes or call us for phone consultation so I can answer any questions you might have.

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